Project Description

Universal Storage Services (USS) is an extensible programming model and runtime components for building data aware solutions on the .NET platform.
With USS you can access any type of data (XML, RDBMS, Objects, ...) with the same code and make production ready applications in record time.
Several advanced services like database neutrality, distributed caching or generic data stores plus a MIT open-source license make USS the ideal solution for both open-source projects and commercial applications.


  • Open Source under the MIT License, allowing commercial use
  • Professional Support for industry needs
  • Object-Relational mapping enabling you to reuse an existing database
  • Generic relational data store making relational databases simple as object databases
  • In-Memory Database (IMDB) providing never reached performance
  • Synchronization API for disconnected applications and staging scenarios
  • Remote storage (using .NET Remoting) for making distributed applications in record time
  • XML based configuration for easy deployment and seamless evolution of the data store
  • Exclusive domain model management:
    • Code generation with ability to import major UML case tools files
    • Dynamic Proxy for using your own domain classes (POCO)
  • Provider based architecture allowing flexible configurable of the "persistence chain"
  • First and second level cache provider for improving performances
  • RDBMS provider independence to allow easy migration of you application
  • Dedicated versions for the .NET Frameworks 1.1, 2.0 and 3.5 (generics, nullable types, LINQ ...)
  • Persistence of Interfaces and Generic types
  • Visual Studio .NET integration

Getting started

You can discover uss by reading this Quick Start or downloading the documentation.

Project renamed

Since Evaluant does not exist anymore, this project has been renamed to reflect this change. You may still find some references to Euss or Evaluant, but the project is now uss (which is also easier to pronounce)

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