May 10, 2009 at 6:12 PM


Could you publish EUSS roadmap ? Even with no implementation date ? Item priority would be great ?

It can permit to collaborate and send you some code submission. We are about to work on a provider for EUSS;

But we  don't want to work on something that is about to be released

Could you provide voting system on items ?



PS:EUSS seems to have a great future, other people comments show a enthousiasm about it but EUSS laks of collaboration tools and animators, dont you think so ?

May 12, 2009 at 12:03 PM

Our main goal currently is to deliver Euss v2.

The main feature changes are:

- New Mapper engine with the power of Hibernate and EF, like complex entities, no PK tables, etc.

- NLinq query language integration in place of OPath, which would allow Groupings and relationship sorting.

- Split the ObjectContext into several dedicated implementations for Code Generation and Dynamic Proxies, which would make the code cleaner, and easier to maintain.

This development is made under a separate branch you can find in the SVN repository.


What are the functionnalities you would like to add ?

May 19, 2009 at 9:08 AM

We need a second level distributed cache with async writes. it is a cache that is shared by all clients in a distributed way (not a centric way); I explain myself:

The simplest architecture for our need has one datastore and multiples clients (30).

When an entity is saved or retrieved to/from the datastore by a client, it is stored inside the distributed cache (with Velocity, Memcached or SharedCache). Futures retrievals will not hit the datastore and the client get the entity from the distributed cache. For futures saves/updates, the entity will be replace in the cache and the real storage in the datastore will be asynchronous (to boost response time).

EUSS architecture permits to add providers in an elegant way. The System needs optimistic locking to work fine (EUSS do not have such features today) and this features can be given by another provider.

This is how we can contribute to EUSS; we are hoping that Euss v2 will be released soon ...



May 19, 2009 at 9:27 AM

Ok I see.

I think it's very easy to do it as we have already implemented the "centralized" second level cache provider: CacheEngine. It's a second level cache, but does not handle queries directly, they are forwarded to the underlying data store. Thouhg, we also have the MemoryEngine which is more than a cache as it handles every data in memory, and thus can handle queries directly from memory. The saves/updates are send "synchronously" to the persistence engine.

Then, based on Memory Engine, you should just have to async the stores, very easy, and replace our Hashtable with a Distributed Hashtable like Velocity, yes. You can alos use the new projet from Ayende Rayen (Rhino DHT).

Looking forward to seeing it working.